Custom Coins


Challenge coins are a great way to commemorate your service in the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force or Coast Guard. They show your pride in having served in conflict zones or for simply having dedicated time to serving your country. Custom coins from Medals of America let you personalize your challenge coins and so make them even more meaningful. Are you a Vietnam veteran who wants to make sure your comrades in arms are remembered on your coin? You can add an image of your division patch or add a special message, or perhaps just your name. You can have it engraved. Medals of America offers a range of custom options for you to choose from. Your creativity determines the final product. And that product will be great looking. The owners of Medals of America—who are themselves veterans—will see to that. The owners know how important excellent craftsmanship is to you. Among the custom coins you’ll find are those for service in Vietnam and Guantanamo Bay, along with service in every branch of the military. Each one is carefully designed and crafted to become a treasured reminder of your dedication and sacrifice. Custom coins give you a personal way to remind yourself that you are among America’s finest. So visit the custom coins section at Medals of America and create your own.

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