First Aid


Whether for your home, your vehicle or your camping kit, the military first aid products here at Medals of America will help you be prepared for anything. If someone gets a boo-boo at the game, injured in the kitchen or attacked by insects on the trail, you can come to the rescue with one of our military first aid kits. We have a military first aid kit for every person's needs here at Medals of America. You don't have to have been in the military to benefit from one our military-style kits. We carry a surgical kit in a handy canvas pouch for experienced medics. We have several travel and home kits that hold your standard bandages and medical ointments. We have a kit that stows perfectly in your glove box. We even have a military first aid kit that's not a kit. It's actually a discreet case for your pistol. For the more intense first-aid needs, we have medic bags and pouches equipped with virtually everything you need for an emergency. You can have tourniquets, gloves, airways, sutures, burn cream and much, much more accessible when you need it most. Keep one with your hurricane kit, in the trunk of your car or packed away with your camping supplies. You never know when you'll need a Medals of America military first aid kit, so keep one handy wherever you are.

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