If you’re in the military, you’re on the move. The problem is, not everything moves with you. Especially your beverage. How often have you come back to stone-cold coffee or that once-upon-a-time soda that’s now a watery mess? Yeah, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Which is why Medals of America presents to you our amazing Travel Mug collection! Take a look at the selection and see that these travel mugs are exactly what you’ve been looking for to keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold. With spill resistant lids and vacuum-insulated interiors you’ll be able to enjoy your beverages the way they were meant to, no matter when you made them! From early morning staff meetings to those slow-creeping after-lunch hours, we’ve got you covered. What we’re saying is you won’t find a collection of Travel Mugs like ours anywhere else. Besides incredible durability for life on-the-go, our selection includes stunning designs fit for every branch of service. As a bonus, they have been veteran tested and approved because you deserve it. Your service…it matters. Millions of free Americans are a testament to that. Guys, Medals of America gets it. We’ve worn the uniform too. We’ve lived the life. And just like you, we chose duty, honor, and freedom above all else. To our brothers and sisters-in-arms, we thank you and are grateful to share this journey with you. Now go choose your perfect travel mug, and let the world know real warriors and heroes walk among them. Get your Travel Mug today.

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