Bad Ass T-Shirts


If you wore the uniform you are, and forever will be, a bad ass. Very few have the courage and the will to serve this country. Few have been built by military life, claiming mission, honor, and freedom for all as theirs to uphold and protect. Your example inspires others to take action and push for excellence themselves. So yeah, here at Medals of America, you’re a bad ass. That’s why we created our Bad Ass T-Shirt collection. Think of em’ as public service reminders that real warriors do exist. Our shirts have gone through their own bad ass upgrades. They’re now made of ringspun cotton for a lighter, more comfortable experience. No matter what our vets and patriots get into, our Bad Ass T-Shirts show up to show out! Find your fit, size and color with this amazing collection. Of course, you can’t show your bad ass with just any designs. That’s why our exclusive artworks have been vet tested and approved. No matter what branch or conflict you served under, we tell your story like it should be told, in our very own signature style. Medals of America exists because of you. Because we are you. When you shop with us, you’re making a statement. You’re telling our brothers and sisters-in-arms that they’ll never walk alone. That someone’s always got their six. How many other shirts can you that about? Let our Bad Ass T-shirt collection take your wardrobe to the next level of badassery. Browse the collection. Purchase your shirt today!

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