Coast Guard Patches


The U.S. Coast Guard has diligently defended the waters of our nation and of our allies abroad during wartime since it was founded in 1790. Medals of America proudly honors the service of these intrepid sailors with a collection of Coast Guard patches for hats and jackets. Most people have forgotten that the Coast Guard sent Squadron One to the Vietnam conflict to patrol the coasts and rivers, searching for enemy supply ships to cut the flow to the troops on the ground. Seven coast guard sailors were killed in action with 59 more suffering wounds. The long history of the Coast Guard serving in conflict doesn't start nor stop there, either. In Operation Desert Shield, President Bush authorized the use of Coast Guard reservists in military roles, many of whom would go on to serve in Port Security Units deployed to Al Damman and Al Jubayl in Saudi Arabia, as well as Bahrain. Once Desert Storm began, the Coast Guard's Law Enforcement Detachment helped secure nearly a dozen Iraqi oil platforms, crippling the flow of crude to Saddam Hussein's regime. Medals of America has not forgotten the peace of the mind that these actions have brought America, and that's why the selection of Coast Guard patches includes options that honor the Coast Guard's service in Vietnam, Desert Storm, the Iraq War, and the Global War on Terrorism. This country would not be safe without your service, so wear your Coast Guard patches with the pride that every veteran deserves.

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