Army Rank


From the greenest private to the most-seasoned officer, every soldier in the United States Army has achieved a rank. Their Army rank represents their job, who they can lead and who can lead them. Rank is imperative to the structure of the United States Army, and it needs to be identifiable at a glance. That is why every single soldier must display his or her rank clearly, according to regulations, on his or her uniform. Rank is also a well-deserved source of pride, so soldiers should be happy to wear their rank or put it on display after they've been discharged of duty. Medals of America offers a selection of pins, badges and patches that represent a soldier's rank in the U.S. Army. If you browse the links provided below regarding uniform regulations, you will know which Army rank product is correct for your uniform or display. Every single piece we provide is designed and produced with quality and authenticity in mind, which is why we use the guidelines set forth by the Institute of Heraldry as the standard for our Army rank products. The veterans employed here at Medals of America take care to inspect your purchases, so you know they're in the best hands. A portion of the proceeds of your purchase is donated to Army Life and Marine Corps Life in support of Morale Welfare Recreation within our beloved Armed Forces.

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