Gulf Hats


The Middle East has been the site of multiple conflicts involving America's armed forces that have spanned nearly three decades. The men and women who deployed to the Persian Gulf have endured intense heat that threatened to boil them alive, hostile forces firing bullets, mortars to kill them dead, and grueling workloads that sometimes seemed worse than death in order to remove tyrants and terrorists. The veterans in your family may not be willing to purchase a hat that makes a display of their honor and valor, so it may be up to you to pick one of the Gulf hats available from Medals of America to use as a sneaky replacement for that old, tattered hat that they refuse to throw in the trash. The Desert Storm ribbon hat is a sleek black cap with the wearer's veteran status emblazoned on the front patch along with the ribbons that would be on their chest if they were in dress uniform. The Desert Storm Conflict Hat mixes up the classic black coloring of the ribbon hat with a khaki bill that makes for a snappy cap that would look right at home on a golf course. For those who love their camouflage, the Desert Digital Operator Hat is a mottled brown and tan cover that will blend into a dusty surrounding with ease. You can even customize its look with a hook and loop patch and a bit of stitching. Keep looking to see pictures and details for these Persian Gulf hats and more.

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