Navy Hat Badges


The United States Navy is the strongest naval force in the world, and it protects the country’s interests in waters across the globe. The Navy is an integral and invaluable component of the armed forces and has some of the best and brightest in its ranks. At Medals of America, we recognize your contribution to the nation and encourage you to take pride in your role in protecting our nation. Navy sailors are constantly on the move at sea and require high-quality Navy hat insignia that can hold up against the rigors and environmental wear that come with being deployed on the open waters. We take great care to craft our Navy insignia and badges and follow the guidelines set by the Institute of Heraldry to ensure they fit all regulations and quality expectations. Medals of America also supplies U.S. Navy hat badges that display your rank accurately, according to the Navy’s uniform guidelines. You can easily pick out the U.S. Navy hat badge that displays your rank from our collection, which includes Navy officer cap insignia. You can rest assured that our rank insignias and badges are made of high-quality materials and feature reliable mounting that can face whatever conditions you may encounter at sea. We offer a wide range of other navy uniform accessories that are consistent with the quality of our navy hat badges and insignias. Whether you are an active duty service member or a retired veteran, we can provide you with service that communicates the reverence and respect you deserve.

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