Marine Badges


On the United States Marine Corps uniform, you'll notice certain accessories displayed above and below the ribbon rack on the left breast. These are Marine badges that Marines earn through marksmanship or are used as identification. Marine badges are an indispensable part of the uniform, as weapons skills are a source of great pride. If you need information on which badges go above and which below your ribbons, consult the military uniform regulation links at the bottom of this page. At Medals of America, we offer a wide range of Marine badges, including sharpshooter, expert, scuba diver, officer and parachute badges. Medals of America is officially licensed with the Marines, so you know we offer the best in Marine badges and related hardware. We also develop our products with the guidelines at the Institute of Heraldry in mind. We know it's important for your military insignia to follow the long-standing traditions of the USMC. Medals of America is dedicated to the quality of every piece that passes from our hands to yours. You'll love our polished finishes and sturdy attachments, so your badges look great and stay secure. Our staff includes veterans of the United States military who take care to check that every order is up to the high standards of the United States Marine Corps.

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