Army Ordnance Corps Officer Insignia Pair


The Ordnance Corps insignia is the "shell and flame" which has been in use since 1832 and is considered to be the oldest branch insignia in the Army.

Ordnance Corps insignia officers wear the insignia on their collar, and the enlisted Ordnance Corps wear the disc insignia.

Sold as a pair.

US Army Ordnance Corps Officer Branch Insignia: A gold color metal shell and flame 1 inch in height.

The use of the “shell and flame” by the Ordnance Corps dates back to 1832; it is considered to be the oldest branch insignia of the Army. Similar insignia had been used by the British Army. After its adoption by the American Army, the design was used by the Artillery as well as the Ordnance until 1834 when the crossed cannon was adopted by the Artillery. In 1835, the shell and flame was used on a button for members of the Ordnance Corps and the design had been used in various items worn on the uniform since it was first adopted. The simplicity of the shell and flame harmonizes with the armament of days gone by, while the action it connotes is applicable with equal force to the weapons of today.

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