Army Corporal Rank OCP/Scorpion With Hook And Loop

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• Official U.S. Army OCP/Scorpion 
• Hook and Loop Back
• Meets all new regulations
• Measures 2” x 2”
• For OCP Army Combat Uniform
This Army Corporal (CPL) rank insignia patch is designed for wear with the new Army and Air Force OCP uniforms and meets all new regulations. This patch measures 2 x 2 inches, displays the Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) previously referred to as “Scorpion W2”, and is outfitted with a hook and loop back for secure attachment. The Army Corporal rank insignia identifies noncommissioned officers with similar duties to Army Specialists, but with more leadership responsibilities. Corporal is the 5th Army rank and is superseded by Army Sergeant rank. Army personnel are typically promoted to Corporal from Specialist rank but may be promoted from lower ranks if they display exemplary leadership skills or experience.
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