Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal Anodized Full Size Long Drape For Marine Corps Dress Uniform

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  • Officially Hallmarked and approved by the U.S. Institute of Heraldry
  • Official military grade, premium quality full size medal
  • Measures: 3.25” long drape version
  • Medal and ribbon made to the highest official government standards
  • Made, inspected, and shipped by Veterans in the USA
  • Uniform approved, Standard 2 prong and clutch back

For Marine Corps dress uniform. Can be put on slide mount (RH# ribbon holding bars). These long draped medals are designed for those who would like to create their own mounted medal set.

It may be awarded to active duty and reserve members who perform outstanding volunteer service over time as opposed to a single event. The service performed must have been to the civilian community and must be strictly voluntary and not duty-related. The volunteerism must be of a sustained and direct nature and must be significant and produce tangible results while reflecting favorably on the Armed Forces and the Department of Defense. There are no specific time requirements as to how many hours must be spent on the volunteer activity, but the activity should consist of significant action and involvement rather than, for example, simply attending meetings as a member of a community service group. An individual would normally be considered for only one award during an assignment. Group level commanders, including commanders of provisional and composite groups, have approval authority for the medal.


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