Navy E Mini-Ribbon

Navy E Mini-Ribbon
Instituted: 1976 Criteria: Awarded to ships or squadrons which have won battle efficiency competitions Devices: Silver Letter “E”, Wreathed Silver Letter “E” The Navy “E” Ribbon was established in June 1976 to recognize individuals who, subsequent to July 1, 1974, are permanently assigned to ships or squadrons that win battle efficiency competitions. It may be worn by all personnel who served as permanent members of the ship’s company or squadrons winning the Battle Efficiency Award. The Navy “E” Ribbon is worn after the Meritorious Unit Commendation and before the Prisoner of War Medal. The ribbon is navy blue with borders of white and gold and is issued with a silver “E” device in the center denoting the first award. Subsequent awards are signified by additional “E” devices with the fourth (and final) award indicated by a silver “E” surrounded by a silver wreath.
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