Army Enlisted Infantry with US Insignia

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The Enlisted Infantry with U.S. insignia is worn by the enlisted members of the Infantry on their uniforms. The enlisted insignia is a gold disk with superimposed vintage 1795 Springfield Muskets. 

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U.S. Army Branch Insignia Badges represent a service member's specific field of service. Each soldier - both enlisted and officer - wear their branch insignia badge on their Class A or Army dress blue uniforms denoting their particular skill set. Army branch insignia badges differ from Army qualification badges. Qualification badges require completion of a training course or school, while branch insignia badges are issued to a service member upon being assigned to a particular area of the Army. Enlisted soldiers wear the branch insignia on the left coat lapel, opposite the "U.S." insignia disk, whereas, officers wear the insignia on the lower half of both lapels beneath the "U.S." insignia. Branch insignia were first worn prior to the Civil War in the 1850s by Army personnel.
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