Coast Guard Arctic Service Medal Miniature

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Service: All Services

Instituted: 1976 (retro-active to 1946)

Dates: 1946 to Present

Criteria: Authorized for personnel who serve on remote radio stations in certain areas of Alaska, Greenland, and Norway. For flight personnel, the decoration is authorized for twenty one flight days above the Arctic Circle. It may also be awarded, on a case by case basis, to non-Coast Guard personnel who perform significant duties in support of Coast Guard missions within the Arctic region.

Devices: For all deploy­ments after 1 January 1989: Bronze, Silver Star

The Coast Guard Arctic Service Medal was authorized by the Coast Guard Comman­dant on May 20, 1976 and made retroactive to Jan 1, 1946. It is awarded for 21 days consecutive service aboard a Coast Guard vessel in Polar waters north of the Arctic Circle from May 1 through October 31 or 21 days consecutive service north of latitude 60 degrees N from November 1 through April 30.

Personnel who serve at any of the following Coast Guard Stations for the required 21 days also qualify for the medal: Loran Station, Cape Atholl, Greenland; Loran Station, Cape Christian, Baffin Island, Canada; Loran Station, Port Clarence, Alaska; Radio Station, Barrow, Alaska; Loran Station, Bo, Norway; Loran Station, Jan Mayen Island, Norway

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