Army Sea Service Mini-Ribbon

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Army Sea Service Mini-Ribbon
Instituted: 2006 Criteria: Completion of two years of cumulative sea duty aboard Class A or B vessels. Devices: Bronze, Silver Star, Gold Star The Army Sea Duty Ribbon is awarded to those members of the Active United States Army, United States Army Reserve and Army National Guard for completion of sea duty on class A or B United States Army vessels. To be awarded the ribbon, active duty members must complete two years of cumulative sea duty aboard class A or B vessels. For members for the Army Reserve, and National Guard, soldiers must have two credible years in a U.S. Army watercraft unit. In addition to being assigned to a qualifying unit, reserve component soldiers must spend at least 25 days during each of the qualifying years underway, along with two annual training exercises on a class A or B vessel. A ninety day deployment on board a class A or B vessel also qualifies. Additional awards of the Army Sea Duty Ribbon are denoted by bronze and silver stars while the tenth and final award is indicated by a five-sixteenth inch diameter gold star.
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