Army Occupation Medal

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Service: Army/Air Force

Instituted: 1946

Dates: 1945-55 (Berlin: 1945-90)

Criteria: 30 consecutive days of service in occupied territories of former enemies during above period

Devices: Gold Airplane Bars: “Germany”, “Japan”

Authorized on June 7, 1946 and awarded to both Army and Army Air Force personnel for at least 30 consecutive days of service in formerly held enemy territories, including Germany (1945-1955), Berlin (1945-1990), Austria (1945-1955), Italy (1945-1947), Japan (1945-1952) and Korea (1945-1949).

The front of the medal depicts the Remagen Bridge on the Rhine River with the inscription, “ARMY OF OCCUPATION” at the top. The reverse depicts Mount Fujiyama in Japan with two Japanese junks in front of the mountain.

A gold-colored C-54 airplane device is authorized to denote participation in the Berlin airlift. Medal clasps inscribed: Germany and Japan are authorized for the suspension ribbon of the medal for occupation service in those respective territories. An individual who performed occupational service in both areas is authorized to wear both clasps with the upper clasp representing the area where occupation was first performed.

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