Military, Tactical & Combat Boots


It can be hard to come across a pair of quality military boots. There’s a lot more than goes into them than meets the eye. Everything needs to be high quality, from arch support and fit, durable soles, strong laces and enough ventilation. Our military service members know exactly what separates just any boot from a military-grade model, especially after going on a ruck march. A soldier needs his boots to be comfortable and supportive to ensure he/she can stay on his/her feet all day, every day, without any blisters that could impede their performance or speed. Medals of America has military boots that every soldier can stand behind. After all, the business is veteran-owned and everything is tested to match their strict requirements and hold up to their previous experiences. Our owners decided to add a ripple sole to all our boots for better traction and shock absorption, increasing the boots’ quality even further. Whether you are looking for the standard desert tan military boot or Vietnam-era jungle boots with drainage eyelets, we have it all for you at Medals of America.

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