Korea Combat Map T-Shirt

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    Korea Combat Map T-Shirt
    Korean War Map T-SHIRT in Black. Korea Tab above and Service by Land, Air & Sea - Freedom is Never Free below. The American Flag and South Korean Flag are on the SW s INFANTRY DIVISION e of the map and the North Korean and China Flag are on the NE s INFANTRY DIVISION e. The Taegukgi or Ying Yang Symbol mirrors the division of this country. We are proud to offer this T-shirt to our Korean Veterans. We know that your service is very specific, not everything is on this map, some things are just representations and we all know there is no representing the cold Korean winters. Here is what is on the map: Sea of Japan, Yellow Sea, Korea Bay, Assault routes during the Inch'on landings, Inch'on landing route, September 26, 1950 Landing route, Pusan Entry from Japan, Chinese Entry Point, September 15, 1950 - Pusan Perimeter, November 25, 1950 front, January 25, 1951 front, June 25, 1951 front, the 38th parallel and the DMZ line. Areas in the south include, Tsushima, Mokp'o, Kwangju, Masan, Pusan, Miryang, Namwon, Taegu, P'ohang-dong, Chonju, Kunsan, Taejon, Sobaek Mountains, Andong, Ulchin, Ch-ungju, P'yongt'aek, Ansong, Chech'on, Taebaek Mountains, Samch'ok, Osan, Suwon, Wonju, Inch'on, SEOUL, Wonju, Uijongbu, Hongch'on, Ch'unch'on, Chumunjin, Musan-ni, Yangyang, Kansong, Kumhwa, Ch'orwon.  Available in sizes M-XXL.

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