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    Philippine Independence Mini Medal
    Philippine Independence Ribbon and Medal

    Service: Republic of the Philippines

    Instituted: 1946    (Criteria Modified 1954)

    Criteria: Receipt of both the Philippine Defense and Liberation Ribbons. Originally awarded to those present for duty in the Philippines on 4 July 1946.

    Devices: None

    Awarded by the Philippine Commonwealth to those members of the Armed Forces who received both the Philippine Defense Ribbon and the Philippine Liberation Ribbon. The Philippine Independence Ribbon was authorized in 1946 by the United States and the Philippine Commonwealth. It is one of the more unusual awards presented to U.S. Service personnel since it has two independent and totally applicable sets of award criteria. As originally promulgated, the ribbon was presented to those members of the United States Armed Forces who were actually serving in the Philippine Islands or in Philippine territorial waters on 4 July 1946. In 1954, the criteria was changed to grant the ribbon to all those who were previously awarded both the Philippine Defense Ribbon and the Philippine Liberation Ribbon. Although the award qualifications established in 1946 were removed from applicable regulations, no attempt was made to rescind the previous awards made under those earlier criteria. The Philippine Independence Ribbon is classified as a foreign service award. Although not authorized for wear on the U.S. military uniform, a medal was designed and struck for the Philippine Government by the Manila firm of El Oro. The medal is a circular gold disc with a female figure in the center, dressed in native garb and holding the Philippine flag. There are flags on either side of the figure and she is surrounded by a circular border. Inside the border is a raised inscription, “PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENCE” (in English) around the top and July 4, 1946 at the bottom. The reverse contains the inscription, “GRANTED PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENCE BY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” set in six lines (also in English). The ribbon is derived from the colors of the Philippine flag and consists of a medium blue base with a narrow white center stripe bordered by thin red stripes. There are thin, golden yellow stripes at each edge.

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