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    Enlisted Infantry with US Insignia

    "Enlisted Infantry with US Insignia from Medals of America. Never surplus

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    Enlisted Infantry with US Insignia

    1' round circular disk. Each insignia comes with a 1' round insignia that says 'US.' The insignia is per military spec and is the same insignia that Army personnel currently wear.

    Infantry has been the “Queen of Battle” since the days of the Romans. The first Infantry insignia used in the American Army was a brass hunting horn designated for Rifle Regiments.

    Branch Insignia: Two gold color crossed, vintage 1795 Springfield muskets, 3/4 inch in height. Crossed muskets were first introduced into the Army as the insignia of officers and enlisted men of the Infantry on 19 November 1875 (War Department General Order No. 96 dtd 19 Nov 1875) to take effect 1 June 1876. Numerous attempts in the earlier years were made to keep the insignia current with the ever changing styles of rifles being introduced into the Army. However, in 1924 the branch insignia was standardized by the adoption of crossed 1795 model Springfield Arsenal muskets. This was the first official United States shoulder arm, made in a government arsenal with interchangeable parts, caliber .69, flint lock, smooth bore, muzzle loader. The standardized musket insignia now in use was first suggested by Major General Charles S. Farnsworth, U.S. Army, while Chief of Infantry and approved by General Pershing, Chief of Staff, in 1922. The device adopted in 1922 has been in continual use since 1924. There have been slight modifications in the size of the insignia over the years; however, the basic design has remained unchanged.

    Branch Plaque: The plaque design has the branch insignia, letters and border in gold. The background is light blue.

    Regimental Insignia: Personnel assigned to the Infantry branch affiliate with a specific regiment and wear the insignia of the affiliated regiment.

    Regimental Coat of Arms: There is no standard infantry regimental flag to represent all of the infantry regiments. Each regiment of infantry has its own coat of arms which appears on the breast of a displayed eagle. The background of all the infantry regimental flags is flag blue with yellow fringe.

    Branch Colors: Light blue - 65014 cloth; 67120 yarn; PMS 5415.
    The infantry color is light blue; however, infantry regimental flags and guidons have been National Flag blue since 1835. White is used as a secondary color on the guidons for letters, numbers, and insignia.

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