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    Army Electronic Warfare Collar Device

    Army Electronic Warfare Collar Device from Medals of America. Never surplus, always new! Our Rank, Rates and insignia are made from the finest cloth and metal, making them perfect for wear or display.

    Product Description

    Army Electronic Warfare Collar Device
    FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kan. (April 12, 2012) -- The Army's newest collar
    insignia and colors are now available to Electronic Warfare warrant
    officers and Electronic Warfare noncommissioned officers.

    In recognizing the important role of Electronic Warfare, or EW, in
    current and future operations, the Army established AOC 29A (EW
    Officer), Military Occupational Specialty 290A (EW Technician) and
    Military Occupational Specialty 29E (EW Noncommissioned Officer) in
    January 2009. The establishment of this new field created a need for new
    insignia and colors for EW warrant officers and noncommissioned
    officers, but not for EW officers (29A) as they are in a Functional Area
    and will continue to wear their basic branch insignia.

    After close collaboration with the Army's EW Proponent Office, the
    Department of the Army Staff, current 290As and 29Es, as well as other
    stakeholder organizations, the Army's Institute of Heraldry developed
    insignia and colors for these EW professionals. The commanding general
    of the Combined Arms Center, the Army's force modernization proponent
    for EW, approved them in August 2011.

    The insignia and colors represent both EW's proud legacy and increasing
    importance. The EW colors are U.S. Army Golden Yellow and Black. Golden
    Yellow signifies the need to maintain control of an asset of
    inestimable value, the electromagnetic spectrum. Black represents the
    mission to blind and confuse enemies; it is also the color of the raven,
    alluding to the first EW personnel who served during World War II and
    were referred to as "Ravens."

    The collar insignia consist of a shield, a key, and a lightning bolt.
    The shield symbolizes the need to protect the ability to operate within
    the EMS. The key symbolizes the importance of accessing adversary and
    safekeeping friendly capabilities and information. The lightning bolt
    represents the intent to rapidly, decisively, and precisely strike at
    adversaries. April 13, 2012
    By Bob Meier, Electronic Warfare Proponent Office

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