Army Shoulder Boards


The United States Army defends our nation’s freedom and values, so at Medals of America, we are proud to recognize the important contribution of army servicemen and women by offering high-quality Army shoulder boards that honor the achievements of our nation’s fighters. Our awards include Army officer shoulder boards, Army service uniform shoulder boards and Army dress blues shoulder boards. As the Army is often called upon to perform feats of strength, strategy and intelligence for our nation’s service, our Army ASU shoulder boards are made in the USA with strong backing, durable metal attachment points and high-quality, long-lasting materials. All our Army insignia and shoulder boards are crafted according to the United States Institute of Heraldry guidelines. Our Army shoulder boards are checked by U.S. Veterans to ensure their accuracy, authenticity and quality. We carry shoulder boards for all roles in the Army, including for the Infantry, Artillery, Aviation, Adjunct Generals, Warrant Officers, Judge Advocates, Engineers and Chaplains. We also have Army shoulder boards to recognize the efforts of those who have served in the fields of Finance, Electronic Warfare, Cyber Warfare, Civil Affairs and Chemical Warfare. All our shoulder boards come in multiple options for Army rank to denote your hard-earned position. At Medals of America, we aim to honor the achievements, accomplishments and sacrifices of our nation’s Army. By providing high-quality, American-made and veteran-checked Army shoulder boards, we help Army families honor the service of their loved ones. Army women and men take pride in protecting our freedom and serving our country.

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