Navy Patches


As the strongest naval force in the world, the United States Navy is an integral part of the military protecting our freedom both at home and abroad. At Medals of America, we appreciate your tireless work and contribution to making this nation great. Our U.S. Navy patches, Navy badges and Navy ranks are designed in strict accordance with the guidelines set out in the Institute of Heraldry to ensure they comply with naval uniform regulations and allow you to display your service record and career achievements proudly. Military veterans check every order so you can be assured of the authenticity and accuracy of our Navy patches. Each of our Navy patches is woven from durable materials in high-intensity colors with a strong backing, so you know that our patches are made to last. The quality craftsmanship ensures the designs are clearly visible, and text can be read easily so that everywhere you go, your contribution is recognized. At Medals of America, we have a wide range of high-quality U.S. Navy patches to sew to your hat or jacket, including the Navy Shellback 4-inch, United States Navy emblem patch, Navy Seal patches and the United States Naval Aviation patch. We also have a selection of Navy Seabee patches to denote your contribution to the construction of naval battlefields. Wear your Navy patches with pride or display them in a commemorative box to show your dedication to protecting your country. Navy patches and Navy badges also make thoughtful gifts for younger members of the family and are an excellent and affordable way to show respect for your committed service to our country.

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