Long Sleeve T-Shirts


You were forged by military life. Trained by the best, to be the best. Those lessons guided you through some pretty rough patches during service, and today, they guide you still. And one of those lessons you hold dear to your heart because its truth is undeniable… Gear matters. When you serve you learn that having the right equipment can be the deciding factor between success and defeat. You’ve got to be prepared for any situation. That’s why Medals of America’s Long Sleeve T-Shirts are so popular with the military community. With a new upgrade to ringspun cotton, our shirts deliver a lighter, more comfortable experience. Whether you’re fishing in early morning chill or hiking through thick woods, we’ve got you covered! Find your fit and get the extra protection you need with our amazing long sleeve collection. What you won’t find here are boring, knock-off designs. Our signature style simply can’t be matched. We’ve placed extraordinary care in crafting engaging artworks with a story to tell. Your story. And no matter the branch, we’ll tell your tale with the respect it deserves. That’s why Medals of America exists. We get you because we are you. It’s truly is a privilege to honor you with our stylish, Long Sleeve T-shirt collection. From the patriotic to the bad ass, and everything in-between, all of our work is veteran tested and approved. Browse the collection. Purchase your perfect shirt today!

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