U.S. Marine Corps Challenge Coins


Marine coins are uniquely designed for different parts of the Marine fighting force while boasting the powerful and impeccable quality control expected of the Department of Defense. Even for some of the more radical designs, there is still an expectation of high craft, well-tailored finishing for every coin. Through training, mission accomplishment, and motivation, the Marine Corps instills an aura of power and camaraderie with every official move. Part of the Marine Corps spirit means elevating every unit, every mission, and every Marine as a higher step on the ladder of greatness. Whether it’s an MEU, GCE, platoon, squad, or team, there’s bound to be someone ready to hold their banner high with a booming OORAH. For collectors, there’s no shortage of traditional Marine Coins as well one-of-a-kind custom creations from Marines who forge their own destiny with a new designs. You can find a Marine coin for almost any group that carries a symbol on the battlefield, but if you’re trying to find a coin for a less-known team, our team of military coin professionals can help you search. Marine Coins are full of pride, honor, and fighting spirit. Take a look at the selection of the Marine Corps’ great accomplishments and enjoy these commemorative masterpieces that honor their valorous missions in challenge coin form.

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