Gulf Coins


Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm were two major military operations that defined the Gulf War era. As a response for Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, the United States and United Nations coalition forces responded to Iraqi aggression and international security concerns. Gulf coins commemorate the first major conflict of the new all-volunteer American military force following the Korean War and Vietnam War, and boasted the new face of American dominance through efficient training and technological superiority. Both U.S. military commands and international coalition joint forces are celebrated with Gulf coins. Many of these coins show the emblems of new teams and missions created to work together against tyranny, and many of the designs show the combined cultures and might forged by these unions. Many coin collections were minted specifically after the two operations ended, and were designed for veterans of the new all-volunteer force after their high-profile campaigns. Some were created by official Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs actions, while others were commissioned by troops and supporting citizens who wanted to show their appreciation for the new face of American defense. Look through these Gulf coins to find a robust collection of missions, international teams, and American growth through the evolution of military service.

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