Morale Coins


Morale coins are meant to keep spirits up, to remind people why they’re doing what they do and to take pride in their actions. Sometimes these challenge coins do their job with humor, sometimes with words and images that convey a solemn commitment. Morale coins from Medals of America do both beautifully. On the more humorous side, you’ll find the Death Spade Card coin with its grinning skulls on both sides and the Black Ops coin with “Black Ops: I Wasn’t Here” on one side and “I’d Tell You But Then I’d Have to Kill You” on the other. To bring back memories of conflicts that involved members of the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard and honor their courage and commitment, Medals of America offers the Checkpoint Charlie Hut coin from the Cold War and the M1 Abrams and M113 APC coins honoring the battle vehicles that were so crucial to many victories. Morale coins can bring to mind both pride and pain. The PTSD coin recognizes the suffering of men and women whose wounds might not be visible. The Bulkhead Door Sailor’s Creed coin reminds veterans of the commitment they’ve made to the nation and each other. Morale coins from Medals of America don’t shy away from the more painful aspects of service, but they are always uplifting and sometimes funny. Put together, perhaps in a shadow box, they tell a story about a willingness to serve, no matter what. Order yours today.

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