The name might sound childish, but there's nothing funny about having the perfect military woobie. It's one of the most important items in any military pack. Versatile, durable and easy to carry, the military woobie is indispensable as protection from weather and, more importantly, as a snuggly, cuddly blanket that makes you feel safe and warm no matter where you are. Admit it, you love having a military woobie. We understand, which is why Medals of America stocks both camo and novelty-print poncho liners, letting you get the warmth and comfort you want wherever you go. The military woobie has been a part of American soldiering since the Vietnam War. It was meant to attach to a poncho that kept soldiers relatively dry in the jungle. While the poncho is great, it's no match for the resilient poncho liner or "woobie" that added a layer of warmth to the garment. While it still has all the strings needed to attach to a military poncho, the military woobie spends most of its time acting as a lightweight blanket from the forest to the desert. Whether on tour or in training, it's common to see a military woobie stretched out in the shade with a pair of boots sticking out of the bottom. Medals of America military woobies have the same quality and construction that you've come to love in your military-issue poncho liner. Whether you choose one of our camo liners or a novelty liner, you'll appreciate the warmth and protection your military woobie gives you from ball games to camping trips.

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