U.S. Marine Corps Medals


As the most elite fighting force in the world, the Marines are often on the front lines protecting our country. Fighting under these extreme conditions means the men and women of the Marine Corps perform incredible acts of service and bravery that deserve to be recognized with Marine Corps medals. At Medals of America, we acknowledge and celebrate your dedication and commitment to your country by creating high-quality U.S. Marine medals, badges and insignia for you to wear on your uniform proudly. Our medals are created from the finest materials that are carefully crafted to reflect the respect due to Marine Corps heroes. All our USMC medals adhere to the rigorous standards set out by the Institute of Heraldry, and our staff of military veterans inspects every order before shipping to ensure authenticity and quality craftsmanship. Our range of Marine medals includes Marine Distinguished Service medals, the Marine Corps Expeditionary medal, Marine Corps Good Conduct medal, as well as many others including location-specific accolades such as those earned for service in Afghanistan or Iraq. We also carry a range of accessories that allow you to display your medals at home or create commemorative gifts for friends or family who have served. Our medal rack builder enables you to select the Marine Corps medals that you have earned using our easy search tool and configure your medals with attachments to reflect your achievements. The finished rack is shipped ready to be displayed at home or worn on your uniform with pride.

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