Custom Insignia and Oath Boxes


It’s an open secret that the military life involves constant travel. This ends up being both a good and a bad thing. On one hand, you quickly rack up more awesome experiences and memories than any of your friends who chose to never leave their hometowns. However, it can be difficult to store your special keepsakes and mementos when you are constantly moving from place to place. Of course, you could always put these items in a plain box. But this hardly seems fitting, does it? Your experiences are one of a kind, so you deserve to have keepsake boxes that are one of a kind as well. And ideally, such keepsake boxes will represent your particular life and experiences. That’s where we come in! Medals of America offers custom insignia and oath boxes in an awesome selection of colors and styles. From simple wooden boxes with a military insignia to bold colors mixed with modern shades of black, we’ve got you covered. And our custom insignia and oath boxes are like nothing you can find anywhere else. We have a full range of customization options, and this enables you to have any special names, messages, and/or dates written on the boxes of your choice. That customization is what makes our custom insignia and oath boxes so versatile. They make for great gifts to spouses, or an appropriate gift from one soldier to another. And, of course, it’s always fine to “treat yourself” to as many of these awesome boxes as you need!

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