Coast Guard Ribbons


The United States Coast Guard has a long and glorious tradition of serving the nation by enforcing maritime law, protecting the marine environment and serving in the Navy during times of conflict. Throughout their career, members of the Coast Guard earn ribbons for performing important skills at an outstanding level. At Medals of America, we understand the dedication and sacrifice it takes to earn Coast Guard ribbons, and we take pride in providing superior quality Coast Guard service ribbons to proudly display on your uniform or memorialize a loved one who served. Our range of USCG ribbons is constructed from superior fabric and expertly crafted to display the colors of each ribbon in their full glory. The design of all Coast Guard ribbons is checked against the guidelines set out by the Institute of Heraldry and inspected by our team of military veterans for authenticity before being shipped. At Medals of America, we carry a wide selection of standard size USCG ribbons, as well as Mil-Thin ribbons and mini ribbons. We also carry an assortment of Coast Guard Auxiliary ribbons to honor the efforts and achievements of the men and women who volunteer to serve alongside their Coast Guard brethren when needed. For Coast Guard members who want to commemorate an event that does not have an official ribbon, we have designed a range of commemorative military ribbons for a variety of campaigns, units and achievements. Coast Guard ribbons bestow great honor on the person wearing them, and that is why we offer a ribbon rack builder so your ribbons arrive uniform-ready.

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