Coast Guard Badges


The United States Coast Guard plays a vital role in enforcing maritime law and conserving the nation's waterways during times of peace and protecting our freedom as part of the U.S. Navy in times of war. Coast Guard badges distinguish your Coast Guard rank and achievements of your career. At Medals of America, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of Coast Guard pins and badges to pin proudly to your uniform or display in commemoration of your years of dedicated service to our country. All our Coast Guard badges, ranks and pins are constructed from high-quality, durable materials with strong backings and sturdy posts to keep them securely in place, whether you are on active duty or enjoying your well-earned retirement from the strenuous activities required of a member of the U.S. Coast Guard. Find your rank and designation from our selection of high-quality Coast Guard badges and pins. Our range includes U.S. Coast Guard collar ranks, Coast Guard silver badge, Coxswain badge, Port Security badge, Coast Guard boarding officer badge and Secretary of Defense identification badges, as well as many more. We want our guardsmen and women to be proud to wear their U.S. Coast Guard pins and badges, so to ensure authenticity and accuracy during design and manufacturing, we strictly adhere to the United States Institute of Heraldry guidelines. We also work closely with military veterans who review and handle all our orders before shipping so you can be assured of quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. We also carry a wide range of Coast Guard uniform accessories to complement our selection of Coast Guard badges and pins.

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