Military Glassware & Bar Products


Want to put together a collection of bar and kitchenware that’s unlike any other and says a lot about you? Consider the many items available from Medals of America. Looking for a bottle opener? You’ll find one that tells of your service in Vietnam, another that’s made from a 50-caliber or 308-caliber bullet. There are also challenge coin bottle openers--one that looks like an Air Force dog tag, another listing the full Bill of Rights. If it’s glassware you need, try the 30mm Shot Glass, the Air Force Rock Glass Set or the U.S. Army Pilsner Glass Set or Coast Guard Pilsner Glass Set. For a conversation starter, think about the Warthog Gatling Gun Bar Set. It’s a seven-shot bar se with a flask, and it’s a replica of the Q-10 Warthog Gatling Gun. The shot glasses and flask are made from real 30 mm GAU-8 shell casings purchased directly from the U.S. military. The Warthog Gatling Gun Bar set is becoming rarer, so it’s important to purchase yours soon. If you’re in search of a bar and kitchenware that definitely makes a statement, you should pick up a .308 Bulletproof Whiskey Glass, Bulletproof Pint Glass, Bulletproof Shot Glass or Bulletproof Wine Glass. Each of these glasses looks as though a bullet has pierced it but has only penetrated a short way. It’s a fitting symbol of the mental and physical toughness of our service members. It also looks super cool because there’s a bullet in it! Take a look at bar and kitchenware from Medals of America and choose yours today.

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