Vietnam Coins


The Vietnam War was a decisive turning point in United States Military organization and tactics, and its veterans share tales of strength and struggle in the conflict between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Vietnam Coins cover more than command emblems and mottos. While many of the coins share similarities with branch and command-specific coins, some are designed to show veterans that they matter after a tumultuous time in American military history. Some Vietnam coins are designed to acknowledge the horrors of war and the bravery of those who fought, while others remind veterans that someone—anyone—is out there and ready to support their civilian life after conflict. For group-specific minting, many Vietnam Coins are designed to depict the battalions, platoons, squads, and elements that fought their way through every campaign. Because of the unique nature of Vietnam-era military tactics and the evolution of war, many specialized groups were created and have commemorated their unification with these unique coins. Some could be used as identification with local forces working together, or to enter places that understand where surviving Soldiers of the war were coming from. These Vietnam Coins offer more than just added points to a collection; every coin is a memory and delivers a unique message to those who served.

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