Navy License Plates


Even the sailors who have spent more time on the water than they have on the road need a vehicle to get from port to port, so get them a Navy license plate that lets landlocked citizens know that a Navy sailor just drove by them. Start by looking through the selection of U.S. Navy license plates, like the Chief Cap Badge plate with the iconic anchor of the Navy's grizzled officers or Navy Medallion License plate that features the seal of the Navy. A broad selection of rank insignia plates includes multiple ranks and specialties of petty officer insignias as well as options for officers. The U.S. Navy submarine fleet is essential to the military's force projection goals across the world, and the stalwart sailors who spend months underwater can represent their fellow bubbleheads with the Submarine Dolphins Officer plate. The Naval Construction Force "Seabees" are represented by a license plate with their combat badge and another with their mascot bee with his sword at the ready. Navy veterans who served in Vietnam will be happy to recognize the red, green, and yellow of the Vietnam service ribbon set behind the bold text reading "NAVY". The ample choices of Navy license plates will have something for a retired sailor looking to add flair to their car or for those who want to buy their sailor a gift, so browse through our selection of Navy License Plates to find the match for your squid.

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