U.S. Military License Plates


We have a great selection of military license plates to honor your sacrifices or the sacrifices of a loved one. Our selection goes unmatched and beats what you can find at your auto store or big box store, all from the comfort of your chair and from a military-owned company. Veterans and active duty alike will find the plate they're looking for. The military license plates we offer cover all branches of service featuring logos, medallions, and divisions like 1st Cav and the Seabees. If you served in Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, or GWOT we have military license plates that represent your service. We have service ribbons, iconic images from the conflicts, and plates like “Gulf War Veteran” so you can show off your veteran status. We also have ships, helicopters from Vietnam and the Gulf War, and even service badges from all branches of the military like Diver Badges, Jump Wings, or CIBs. The military license plates are a standard size license plate that are ideal for the front or back of your car—we have the perfect plates for you and your car.

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