Military, Vietnam Veteran & Conflict Hats


The veterans of America's armed forces are connected to each other by many things, but the campaigns in which they participated have a defining impact on the time they spent serving and their memories of it after returning to civilian life. That's why Medals of America is proud to offer a variety of conflict hats that prominently display which conflicts the veteran was in while they were putting their life on the line for the sanctity of democracy. The conflict hats start back in the days of fighting Nazis and the Imperial Japanese with the World War II veteran caps available with the ribbons for both the Pacific and European theaters of the conflict. The career troops who went right from the largest war ever to the Forgotten War in Korea have their own special hat commemorating their conflict-spanning service. Those who spent their time serving in the numerous proxy conflicts of the Cold War between America and its western allies against the encroachment of dictators from Russia and China have several hats to choose from to honor their commitment to freedom. The olive drab Cold War veteran cap is a favorite that features a colorful eagle bearing a sword and olive branch, a classic American symbol of a desire for peace and freedom that will not be curtailed by foes either foreign or domestic. No matter which conflict you were in while serving your country, there is a hat available to remember the battles fought, the friends lost, and the valor won.

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