Marine Corps T-Shirts


Marines will tell you that once they are a Marine, they are always a Marine. That is why, whether they're active duty, discharged or retired, Marines love to wear Marine Corps t-shirts. Marine t-shirts let them remember where they served, with whom they served and the achievements they worked for in the Corps. The shirts let them express their pride for the Corps, their units and the battles they fought. Just because you're not on duty, you don't have to dress like a civilian–not completely, anyway. Medals of America carries a wide selection of Marine T-shirts printed on high-quality fabrics right here in South Carolina. Our designs include general Marine Corps t-shirts, logos, veteran designs, and more. They make fantastic gifts for the Marine in your life, whether it's Christmas, a birthday or just a gift to say thank you. Wives and girlfriends even have an option with our "I love my vet" logo T-shirt designed specifically for women. You'll love the vibrant colors, detailed graphics and soft feel of all of Medals of America's Marine T-shirts. Medals of America came into being more than 40 years ago. It was veteran-owned then, and it still is today. When the business got big enough, it was important to hire the right people, which is why veterans operate Medals of America. You can be sure that your T-shirts come from a place of respect and understanding for your service in the USMC. Our veterans inspect all of our products for quality of construction and design. Once you've chosen the T-shirts you want for your collection, we send part of the profit from your sale to Army Life and Marine Corps Life to go toward enhancing Morale Welfare Recreation.

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