Coast Guard License Plate Frames


The modern Coast Guard protects not only America’s coasts, but has been sent on naval missions across the world when the expertise of coastal navigation and the many Coast Guard-specific skillsets are in high demand. Coast Guard license plate frames are designed to Semper Paratus—the life and truth of being always ready--no matter your vehicle, and in any state. Whether you’re using veteran-marked plates or standard state plates, these Coast Guard license plate frames make it easier to show your Coast Guard readiness on the road. Service in the Coast Guard means having high flexibility, especially while working as part of a skeleton crew that needs to get the job done at any cost. From shipboard deckhands, engineers, technicians, and security to the demolitionists, divers, and researchers that represent the robust and diverse Coast Guard team, there’s no shortage of pride and professionalism to share. mTake pride and flaunt your professionalism and hard work on your car when you’re driving to church, work, or to the store. Many of our Coast Guard license plate frames display badges and insignia earned throughout your Coast Guard career. Add some flair to your car and show the world your military service with an easy to install, super durable Coast Guard license plate frame.

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