Navy Patches


Proudly display your service by sewing one of the many Navy patches available from Medals of America onto your apparel. Whether you served on the deck of an aircraft carrier and need an aviation patch or helped engineer the battlefield as a Seabee and want to proclaim that you built and you fought, you can find a Navy patch that matches your service record. The right patch on your jacket or hat when you head into the VA or take a trip to the store may help you connect with fellow service members who served in the same conflicts as you, whether in the Navy or in another branch of the military. Medals of America has a multitude of patches like the Navy Shellback 4" patch or Navy Square Patch that can be sewn onto your hat or jacket to prominently showcase your time spent protecting this country from threats across the sea. Navy patches are also a great addition to a memorial celebrating a loved one who served their nation, whether by adding a patch with a chief's anchor into a scrapbook or placing a Vietnam naval patch on a mantle containing other memories if they have passed on. Veterans can also use the patches as a gift for younger family members to help them feel more connected to your stories of adventures on the high seas. These patches are an affordable and effective way to honor the efforts of a Naval veteran, whether that's yourself, a fallen friend, or a family member.

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