Korea Hats


It has been over six decades since the combined forces of the United States military and the South Korean armed forces fought to repel the aggressive invasion of the North Korean forces backed by the superpowers of Russia and China. Remind people of the Forgotten War with one of the many Korea Hats available from Medals of America. Each one prominently displays the name of the conflict, such as the Korea Veteran hat that features the ribbons awarded to veterans of the Korean War with quality that only comes from a product made in the USA. Remember all the years that have gone by and give people a reminder of just how long ago the war was with the Korean War 65 Year Hat. For those who served their country twice over in just a short few years, take credit for both of your contributions with the combined World War II and Korean War hat. Officers can even get their scrambled eggs with the golden oak filigree of the Korean Veteran hat. Each of the Korea hats will make an excellent wearable keepsake for your kids and grandkids, so pick up a few extras for them when you find the cover that you like the most. Share the tales of your adventures and hardships in the service then give them a hat to make sure that the future generations will remember the sacrifice that you and the 9 million other Americans made to stop the advance of tyranny.

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