Marine License Plates


No military force in the world is as famous for its ability to fight anywhere with anyone and take the day as the U.S. Marine Corps. The veterans of this elite branch of the Armed Forces can showcase their service with one of the Marine license plates for sale from Medals of America. Rank license plates for enlisted Marines from the Private First Class all the way to the Gunnery Sergeant are available in either green stripes on a red background, red stripes on a gold background, or green stripes on a khaki background. Officers up to Major have the same selection of rank plates and officers of any rank can join in the enjoyment of multiple Marine veteran plates like the Marine medallion plate or the USMC Veteran plate with the anchor, eagle, and globe of the Marine insignia, both set next to bold lettering that proudly proclaims the vehicle is carrying a Marine Corps veteran. If you have fond memories of your battalion or you are purchasing a Marine license plate as a gift for a Marine who you know valued their brothers and sisters in arms, check out the battalion and regiment plates for units like the 1st Battalion 1st Marines, the First of the First, or the 9th Marines who served from the battles of World War II until the end of the Cold War. Whether you're a Marine veteran yourself or you want to get the jarhead in your life something nice for their truck, one of these Marine license plates will add an extra dose of dogged determination to any vehicle lucky enough to wear one.

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