Lapel Pins


We offer a wide selection of military lapel pins and hat pins for military veterans and active armed forces that goes unmatched to any military surplus store or box store. We understand the importance of wearing your service with pride. Our lapel pins come in a variety of designs from service and achievement ribbons, to branch specific designs like Army lapel pins reminiscent of your CSIBs or unit patches and Seabees and Navy Rates, we everything you’re looking for. Finding the perfect lapel pin that is beautifully made with full color and is durable and reliable is hard, which is why we have made it easy for you with our wide selection of high quality enamel lapel pins that won’t fade over time or get banged up. Skip the drive to a local military surplus store and spend 45 minutes walking around and looking for the perfect pin and order online right from your home. Proudly display your veteran or active duty status or grab an American flag or patriotic pin and be a proud patriot. Wear them on your blazer or polo at work, on your hat at the golf or gun range, or put it in your shadow box.

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