Conflict License Plates


The armed forces of the United States of America have fought in battles on every continent and on every ocean, and Medals of America has conflict license plates that commemorate the service of the men and women who participated in those conflicts throughout the various branches. The license plates start in World War II, the largest armed conflict to date with millions of people across the world and 16 million American soldiers serving at some point during the global war. The Cold War against the Soviet Republic and its allies was a tense struggle of intelligence and cunning between the world superpowers as proxy conflicts stirred around them, so the veterans of the lengthy war earn their own conflict license plate. The proxy conflicts include the Korean War, a conflict where soldiers trudged through the dry, oppressive heat to protect America's allies in the South from the encroaching forces of the skilled and well-equipped northerners who were bent on unifying Korea under the reign of Kim Il Sun. The conflict license plates make their way into the modern era of wars fought in the Middle East, beginning with Operation Desert Storm to liberate Kuwait from the aggression of Iraq to the Iraq War that finally rid the world of a powerful Saddam Hussein. Give your veteran a gift that will let them know that you value their service and will remind the people who drive around them that heroes are always walking among us.

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