Conflict Coins


If you’re a veteran of conflicts such as Vietnam, Korea, the Global War on Terror or the Gulf War, you know the profound effect it has had on your life. Your experiences are unique and special. Remembering is important, so it’s good to have a reminder that not only brings your experiences back to life but also helps instill a sense of pride. That’s what conflict coins from Medals of America do for men and women who have served in the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard. These coins offer a small but tangible connection with both the conflict and the spirit with which the men and women entered it. Medals of America conflict coins are of the highest quality and backed by Medals of America’s owners, who are veterans themselves. We will not let anything but the finest products leave our warehouse because we want our comrades in arms to have only the best. Whether you’ve earned a Cold War Veteran Challenge Coin, a 50th Anniversary Vietnam Challenge Coin, a Global War on Terror Coin, a Korean War Freedom Coin or a World War II Honorable Service Coin, you’ll be proud to carry it with you. Even if no one else ever sees it, it will serve as a symbol of your service and help you hold your head high in any circumstance. Take a few minutes to review the conflict coins available from Medals of America and order yours today. Then carry it proudly.

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