Coast Guard License Plates


The waters of America, from the heated swells of the Gulf of Mexico to the shores off the coast of Alaska, are kept safe by the constant vigilance of the United States Coast Guard. The brave souls who battle both foes and nature to keep their countrymen safe are paid homage by the U.S. Coast Guard license plates available from Medals of America. The Port Security units of the Coast Guard travel to seaside cities in America and across the globe to secure the valuable hubs of commerce and production from the enemy, and the sword-bearing seahorses on their combat badge look fantastic on the Port Security license plate. Since 1984, the Rescue Swimmers have been saving sailors and passengers from imperiled vessels whenever stormy weather threatens to send them to the bottom of the sea, so the hard-working saviors should proudly show off the wings and flippers on the Rescue Swimmer badge plate. The sailors of the Coast Guard who patrol the waters in the branch's cutters can sport the Cutterman Enlisted Badge license plate. Enlisted Coast Guard veterans from any method of service will find rank insignias for Petty Officers and Chief Petty Officers that showcase their accomplishment. There is even a plate honoring the USS Castle Rock, a cutter that saw service helping seaplanes operate in the final years of World War II. Take a look through our selection, and you'll be sure to find a Coast Guard license plate that properly honors the service of the veteran in your life.

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