Shadow Boxes


Here at Medals of America, we proudly bring to you our Shadow Box collection that we have been crafting and perfecting for 40 years. These amazing pieces are the perfect gift for retiring military members. Show your appreciation in style with a perfect shadow box today! Military life is not for the feint-of-heart. It requires a dedication and passion to something greater than self. No matter what branch of service, our Military Shadow Boxes are testaments to not only honorable men and women, but to careers of excellence and self-sacrifice. What better way to wish our service members well as they transition to the next phase of their lives. Here at Medals of America, our mission is to tell a story. Stories of the men and women who serve. This is serious business for us, because we are you. We wore the uniform. We know the life. We get it. And we salute you. So to our brothers and sisters who’ve walked the line, who do the impossible every single day, what you’ve done matters. Let our Shadow Boxes speak to your accomplishments. Let them tell your tale. We’re proud of our warriors. Browse our vast Shadow Box collection today.

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