Navy Ribbons


The United States Navy is the most powerful naval force in world history. The sailors who proudly serve under the U.S. Navy seal know that to be a sailor, they must be skilled in their field to conduct operations on land, in the air and at sea. At Medals of America, we honor the dedication and commitment of these brave sailors by offering Navy ribbons which highlight their achievements and awards. Our U.S. Navy ribbons are designed using the highest-quality materials that will not fray or dull easily. The vibrant colors of these Navy service ribbons are a proud memento of the accomplishments made while enlisted in the Navy. Our extensive range of military ribbons of the Navy include the Bronze Star, Meritorious Service, Purple Heart and the Navy and Marine Distinguished Service ribbon. Medals of America ensure these ribbons align with the guidelines for military heraldry, in accordance with the Institute of Heraldry. Medals of America employs military veterans with extensive knowledge of military insignia, so you know your order is handled with care and checked for quality and accuracy. Our ribbon rack builder allows you to customize a Navy ribbon rack for wear or display. Create a ribbon rack that is mirror-mounted, in a staggered formation or with ⅛-inch between each ribbon. Our slide-on ribbons are perfect for a Navy chest ribbons rack display on any sport coat or uniform. Our mini ribbons are made for civilian clothing, including use on hats, button-up shirts and jackets. The magnetic backing on our Mil-Thin™ ribbons will keep your Navy service ribbons secure and safe, no matter where you wear them. Honor your service or your sailor with U.S. Navy ribbons for display or wear. Mount your ribbons in a customized shadow box display or on a rack for your favorite attire.

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