Navy Rating Patches


Navy personnel work hard to earn their ratings, so they deserve to proudly display the skills that they use to protect the country. Whether you are a Navy veteran yourself or you have a departed friend or family member who served as a squid, seeing that combination of rank and method of service on a Navy rating patch can combine into a powerful source of cherished memories from past adventures or a reminder for a veteran's children and grandchildren of all the stories they told of their Navy days even after they leave for a better place. Relive those memories by including a Navy rating patch from Medals of America in your memorabilia. Each Navy rating badge is available in three ranks: petty officer first class, petty officer second class, and petty officer third class. Every patch comes with a white eagle and red chevrons on a black field, the traditional design worn on dress blues. The ratings include methods of service that have since been phased out or integrated into other ratings, so you can find older ratings like Patternmaker, Trademan, or Weapons Technician that would be harder to find at a typical uniform shop. You will also find nearly every modern Navy rating in the available patches, from the Boatswain's Mate who kept the ship running smoothly no matter how chaotic the job was to the Electronic's Mate who ensured all of the fancy new equipment didn't break down when it was needed the most.

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